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Captain Horace Cyril Watson,.N. Edmund Henry Hewlett, Esq.,.R.C.S., Professional medical services at the Royal Naval and. Lieutenant-Commander Frank Birch,.N.V.R. Caterpillar Valley was the name given by the Army to the long valley which rises eastwards, past Caterpillar Wood' to the high ground at Guillemont. Captain Ragnar Musgrave Colvin,.N. On the recommendation of the First Lord of the Admiralty, (that) the following appointments to, and promotions in, the Order of the British Empire, which were published in the London Gazette on the dates stated, shall be transferred to the Military Division of the Order. Surgeon Lieutenant-Commander Gerald Nunn,.N. Valuable services in Finland and Lapland. . Commander Arthur Horace Walker,.N. Kernutt, yeoman of Signals, royal Navy HMS Quorn. Engineer Lieutenant-Commander Frederick Richard Gordon Turner,.N. Director of Materials and Priority, Controller's Department, Admiralty. For valuable services in command. Sub-Lieutenant Robert John Shaw,.N. Master of the transport "Wandby." Henry Wilkinson Solly, Esq.

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Yardley, Charles, Company Sergeant-Major,. For valuable services in connection with wireless telegraphy. Hodgson, Tom Alfred, Fitter, Messrs. For valuable services in experimental work connected with mine protection apparatus. Siemens Bros., Cable Ship "Faraday." Lieutenant Joseph Kearon Storey,.N.R. Henry harold blake Private 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards Henry Blake was born in Abingdon in 1894. Albert Hyde is likely to have been in line on Christmas Day 1914 and may have shared the brief but unofficial truce observed in many parts of the Front. _ To be Officers of the Military Division of the said Most Excellent Order: Acting Chaplain the Rev. Rear-Admiral Edward Henry Fitzhardinge Heaton-Ellis,.B.,.B.E.,.V.O. In charge of the Central Pay Office of the Royal Naval Air Service. For valuable services as Salvage Officer, Devonport.

escort 29 sierre

William Nicholls. Lieutenant Harry Nisbet McGrath,.N.V.R. For valuable services in command,.M.S. Engineer Lieutenant-Commander Frederick Gambler Haynes,.D.,.N.R. William George Hynard, Esq.,.B.E. Appointments to the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, in recognition of the services of the undermentioned Officers during the War : To be Commanders of the Military Division of the said Most Excellent Order: Captain William Frederick Blunt,.S.O.,.N. Lieutenant John James McKichan,.N.V.R. ...

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The air force and airfields were inadequate and the fleet as a whole was in no position to site de rencontre coconut cagnes sur mer dispute command of the Bay of Bengal, where in March and April 1942 100,000 tons of shipping were sunk. For valuable services in charge coquine telephone innisfil of the gunnery armament of the Auxiliary Patrol and Mine Sweeping vessels at Devonport. Captain Arthur Timothy Marshall. For valuable services in Auxiliary Patrol. Foreman of Engineer Branch,.M. . Surgeon Lieutenant (acting Surgeon Lieutenant-Commander) Gordon Ernest Dormer Ellis,.N. Miss Jean Margaret McEwan, Deputy Principal,.R.N.S. Alan de Verd Leigh, Esq. Rae, Robert, Coastwatcher, Machrihanish, Kintyre. Commander Winstanley Robert escort 29 sierre Coverdale Moorsom,.N. Appointments to the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire in recognition of the services of the undermentioned Officers during the War : To be Commanders of the Military Division of the said Most Excellent Order: Captain James Montgomery Caulfeild,.N. Head of Naval Law Branch of Secretary's Department, Admiralty. Ada Noel Horsey, Assistant Principal,.R.N.S. Inspector of Shipwrights,.M. Chairman of the Admiralty Licensing Sub-Committee, War Trade Department.

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Lieutenant-Commander (acting Commander) Henry John Graham Good,.N. Luard,.B., in the Tenth Cruiser Squadron, and.M. "Cedric.' George Hatton, Esq.,.P. Master of the Transport "Kaiser-I-Hind." Engineer Commander George Patterson,.N.R. Captain Robert Henry Coppinger,.N. For valuable services as Assistant Examination Officer, Gibraltar. Captain Lionel John Manning,.B.E. Lieutenant (acting Lieutenant-Commander) Arthur Rutherford Dundas Collins,.N.R. Paymaster Sub-Lieutenant Robert Forbes,.N.V.R. For valuable services in charge of a Controlled Minefield. For valuable services as First Assistant to the Chief Engineer,.M. Deputy Director of Naval Sea Transport Branch, Ministry of Shipping. Evelyn Maud Northcote, Divisional Director,.R.N.S.

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