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Cultureinfo tr bourges

cultureinfo tr bourges

WriteLine 0:C2 xtDouble * 10 private static void ThreadProc(Object obj) rrentCulture (CultureInfo) obj; rrentUICulture (CultureInfo) obj; DisplayThreadInfo DisplayValues / The example displays output similar to the following: / Current Thread Name: ' / Current Thread Culture/UI Culture: fr-FR/fr-FR / Some currency values: / 6,83. Examples include ja-JP for Japanese (Japan) and en-US for English (United States). For example, Cyrl specifies the Cyrillic script and Latn specifies the Latin script. WriteLine Executing a task asynchronously Dim t1 n(formatDelegate) sult) Console. FaultThreadCurrentCulture eateSpecificCulture en-US faultThreadCurrentUICulture eateSpecificCulture en-US ThreadProc Thread worker new Thread(readProc me "WorkerThread art private static void DisplayThreadInfo Console. A specific culture is a culture that is associated with a language and a country/region. WriteLine Current culture is 0 rrentCulture Console. WriteLine The current UI culture is now 0 me) End Sub End Module ' The example displays output like the following: ' The current UI culture is en-US ' The current UI culture is now sl-SI Getting all cultures You can retrieve an array specific. AppDomainSetup setup new AppDomainSetup setup. ',59 ' ' Executing a task asynchronously: ' Formatting using the en-US culture on thread. Using System; using obalization; using rsioning; using reading; using reading. Parameters, returns, exceptions, examples, the following code example displays several properties of the neutral cultures.

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Tasks Module Example Public Sub Main Dim formatString As String "C2" Console. WriteLine Custom cultures For Each culture In custom Console. Note You can use the CultureAndRegionInfoBuilder class to define, save, and register custom cultures that either supplement or replace existing cultures. In other words, starting with apps that target the.NET Framework.6, asynchronous operations by default inherit the values of the CurrentCulture and CurrentUICulture properties of the thread from which they are launched. If the resources for the neutral culture are not available, the resources embedded in the main assembly are used. Length 0 Then Console. EnglishName "IsNeutralCulture NeutralCulture, NeutralCulture "IsReadOnly ReadOnly, ReadOnly "lcid ID, ID "Name me, me "NativeName tiveName, tiveName "Parent rent, rent "TextInfo myCIintl. The following example sets the default culture and default UI culture in the default application domain to French (France and then uses the AppDomainSetup class and the AppDomainInitializer delegate to set the default culture and UI culture in a new application domain to Russian (Russia). WriteLine Executing a task synchronously Dim t2 New Task(Of String formatDelegate) nSynchronously sult) End Sub End Module ' The example displays the following output: ' The example is running on thread 1 ' The current culture is en-US ' Changed the current culture to fr-FR. Catch (CultureNotFoundException) return; catch (ArgumentException) return; public class Info : MarshalByRefObject public void DisplayDate Console.

cultureinfo tr bourges

Console. TwoLetterisolanguageName TwoLetterisolanguageName TwoLetterisolanguageName TwoLetterisolanguageName Gets the ISO 639-1 two-letter code for the language of the current CultureInfo. The following example, which is identical to the previous example except that it lacks the TargetFrameworkAttribute attribute, illustrates this. Constructors CultureInfo(Int32) CultureInfo(Int32) CultureInfo(Int32) CultureInfo(Int32) Initializes a new instance of the CultureInfo class based on the culture specified by the culture identifier. For step-by step information on using the CultureAndRegionInfoBuilder class to create a new or replacement culture, see the CultureAndRegionInfoBuilder class topic. If you want to know how to display the date in another culture like "en-us you can use eateSpecificCulture en-US). Write 0,-3 reeLetterWindowsLanguageName Console. WriteLine Today is 0:D w) End Sub Public Sub DisplayCultures Console. CultureInfo object with the traditional sort. The information includes the names for the culture, the writing system, the calendar used, the sort order of strings, and formatting for dates and numbers. .

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Write 0,-7 me) Console. The zh-Hans and zh-Hant names represent the current standard, and should be used unless you have a reason for using the older names. To display and sort data, specify both the language and region. ' ' Executing the delegate synchronously: ' Formatting Imports the fr-FR culture on thread. WriteLine Replacement cultures foreach (var culture in replacements) Console. Tasks; public class Example public static void Main string formatString "C2 Console. ' ' Executing the delegate synchronously: ' Formatting using the fr-FR culture on thread. WriteLine foreach (string str in list) Console. WriteLine The example is running on thread 0 nagedThreadId) ' Make the current culture different from the system culture. Because the.NET Framework supports custom cultures, you should consider the following when working with culture-specific data: Custom cultures can have values that exceed the ranges of the predefined cultures. Control Panel overrides The user might choose to override some of the values associated with the current culture of Windows through the regional and language options portion of Control Panel. Assign the CultureInfo object to the rrentCulture or rrentUICulture property. The following table lists the cultures that support alternate sort orders and the identifiers for the default and alternate sort orders. In cases where a two-letter language code is not available, a three-letter code derived from ISO 639-2 is used. Dim myCItrad As New CultureInfo( H40A, False) ' Displays the properties of each culture. WriteLine The two CultureInfo objects are equal: 0 culture1 culture2 / The example displays output like the following: / The current culture is en-US / The two CultureInfo objects are equal: True Imports obalization Imports reading Module Example Public Sub Main Dim culture1 As CultureInfo. RrentCulture eateSpecificCulture fr-FR rrentUICulture eateSpecificCulture fr-FR Else ' Set culture to en-US. CultureInfo replacements placementCultures if (replacements. In this section: Culture names and identifiers Invariant, neutral, and specific cultures Custom cultures Dynamic culture data The current culture and current UI culture Getting all cultures Culture and threads Culture and application domains Culture and task-based asynchronous operations CultureInfo object serialization Control Panel overrides. CultureInfo(Int32, Boolean) CultureInfo(Int32, Boolean) CultureInfo(Int32, Boolean) CultureInfo(Int32, Boolean) Initializes a new instance of the CultureInfo class based on the culture specified rencontre musulman lyon vaud by the culture identifier and on the Boolean that specifies whether to use the user-selected culture settings from the system. It is successfully de-serialized only in an environment where that Name has the same meaning. I would use CultureTypes. If the resources for a specific culture are not available divorcer à cayenne délais manitoba in the operating system, the resources for the associated neutral culture are used. Info2.DisplayDate info2.DisplayCultures info1.DisplayDate info1.DisplayCultures public static void SetAppDomainCultures(string names) SetAppDomainCultures(names0 public static void SetAppDomainCultures(string name) try faultThreadCurrentCulture eateSpecificCulture(name faultThreadCurrentUICulture eateSpecificCulture(name / If an exception photo homme bi la rochelle occurs, we'll just fall back to the system default. Windows versions or service packs can change the available cultures. If the CultureTypes value is ltureTypes, and the computer on which it is de-serialized does not have this user custom culture installed, it is not possible to de-serialize. WriteLine / Compare two strings using myCIintl. Methods ClearCachedData ClearCachedData ClearCachedData ClearCachedData Refreshes cached culture-related information. WriteLine Thread 0 is running in app domain '1 nagedThreadId, iendlyName) Dim rnd As New Random Dim value As Double xtDouble * 1000 Return String(format) End Function End Class ' The example displays output like the following: ' The example is running on thread. Using System; using obalization; using flection; using reading; public class Example public static void Main / Set the default culture and display the current date in the current application domain.

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Detailed culture information appears in the National Language Support (NLS) API Reference at the Go Global Developer Center. Retrieving the current and current UI cultures You can get a CultureInfo object that represents the current culture in either of two ways: The following example retrieves both property values, compares them to show that they are equal, and displays the name of the current. ComVisibleAttribute, serializableAttribute, implements, iCloneable, iCloneable, iCloneable, iCloneable, iFormatProvider, iFormatProvider, iFormatProvider, iFormatProvider, examples, the following example shows how to create. Culture and application domains DefaultThreadCurrentCulture and DefaultThreadCurrentUICulture are static properties that explicitly define a default culture only for the application domain that is current when the property value is set or retrieved. When you instantiate a CultureInfo object with a local identifier of 0x00020804, strings are sorted by stroke count. Write 0,-3 reeLetterisolanguageName Console.