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Built 1913, 16810grt,.5kts. Foundered.5.18 after ramming.75 in the North Sea. Sold.3.23 at Gibraltar. In service.5.16-1920, paddle minesweeper.4.19. Served in WW2, badly damaged by Axis aircraft off Egyptian coast, broken up 1942. Comme beaucoup de grands peintres, Pierre Paul Rubens travaille avec de nombreux assistants. Ex-Chilean almirante williams robelledo, purchased.14, launched.12.14 White. Armament: 5-6in, 2-3in AA, 8-21in. 7,350 tons, 387(oa 360(pp)x60x24ft. Served as strive in WW2. BD.57-60, boom defence vessel, BD-series, building Chalmers. City OF hull, hired drifter, Adty No 1330. Carmania II, hired trawler, Adty Nos 3221,.1A,.19.

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Sold.4.20 Barking. Built 1907, 82grt, Inverness-reg INS.403. Completed as survey vessel, renamed beaufort.19. Arabis-types served in Grand Fleet, at Queenstown, in North Sea, and Mediterranean. In service.10.14-8.5.19, HM Dockyard service before 1917. In service.18-4.20, limited to harbour and inland waterway duties, flew red ensign. (FR) Sentinelles des mers, su, URL consultato il ( archiviato il ). AE.1 (RAN submarine, E-class see E-class (E.1 group) submarines,.1-E.8,.1-AE.2. Bittern, hired trawler, Adty No 432. BEN ledi, hired paddle tug. Fancy, hired drifter, Adty No 1478. CD.88, Canadian-built Admiralty wood drifter, ordered.17. Alexandra II, hired rescue tug. Built 1914, 226grt, Grimsby-reg.307.

malade, Rubens décide de quitter l'Italie pour la rejoindre à Anvers, mais elle meurt avant qu'il n'arrive. Built 1911, 223grt, Hull-reg.384. In commissioned service.12.15, ford (ex-fleetwood twin-screw minesweeper, later Hunt or Aberdare-class, Adty. Sold.2.20, renamed Peninnis. Renamed edith.17. Built 1911, 215grt, Grimsby-reg.642. Furness, hired rescue tug,.32 (1.18). Queen OF kent in WW2. Gossamer, minesweeper, ex-torpedo gunboat, Sharpshooter-class,.68 (1914.68 (9.16.52 (1.18). CMB's, Motor Boat Nos. Attached to Grand Fleet battle squadrons 1914-19, fitted for minelaying.17, 66 mines (3 operations, laid 184). ...

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Purchased, in service.8.17-13.3.19 at Cape Station as minesweeper. Adequate, hired sex lesbiennes position de sexe motor drifter, Adty.158. In service.6.15 -.3.19. Fentonian, hired trawler, Adty No 448. Golden harp, hired drifter. Mined.1.19 off. Name changes: craufurd, ex-M.7, site de rencontres pour ados site faire l amour until.15. City OF manchester, hired trawler. Built 1915, 207grt, Granton-reg.41. Armament: 5-18in tt, 1-12pdr. Built 1900, 84grt, Wick-reg.757. Arrived.9.59 Rees, Llanelly (rfa) eldorado, fishing trawler. Curlew, light cruiser, Ceres-class, ordered 3/4.16, 80 (8.17 3C (1.18 48 (4.18). Sold 1947, renamed alan clore (H/D/rfa) chersin - see chirsin chertsey, Admiralty chartered collier. Ethnee, hired drifter, Adty No 754. Mined.10.17 off Milford dame cougar com grenoble Haven. Ganges II, harbour service, training ship, Harwich; base ship 1914 (ex-minotaur, ex-broadside ironclad, Minotaur-class built 1863, 10690 tons. Rubens, Correspondance, Paris, 2006. Built 1911, 331grt, Hull-reg.375. Azov, boom defence vessel, ex-mutine, composite screw sloop, Doterel-class. Served as BDV,.7.18-6.8.19. Built 1914, 84grt, Fraserburgh-reg.105.

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Sold.6.20 Ward, Preston. Launched.3.19 Ardrossan. Delta A, fishing trawler. Museum ship HMS trincomalee, Hartlepool, north east England as of 2014. C.12, submarine, C-class,.42.

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